Transformative Thinking for Businesses and Communities

What we offer

For Organisations

Tailored training and transformation for businesses of all sizes.

For Communities

Workshops, education and networking to create thriving sustainable communities.

Seed Funding

Support for community sustainability projects on the Isle of Man

Our Mission

We are steering towards irreversible climate and ecosystem collapse, threatening our liveable future.

But what if we saw all the decisions we make through the lens of caring for the world we inhabit – through an Earthscope?

Our mission is to create a pioneering nature-first nation, where each decision made by every person has nature at its heart. Only when the rest of nature flourishes can we can flourish too.

Join us and discover how we can transform the way we care for people and the planet by building nature-led businesses and communities for a better world.

Who we are

Sarah Mercer

Co-founder and Director

An enthusiastic and engaging presenter, Sarah has worked extensively with AimHi to deliver high impact, transformational sustainability training. She created Culture Vannin’s award-nominated socio-environmental documentary Island Utopias

Matthew Warren

Co-founder and Creative Director

Having completed a doctorate in ethnomusicology at Durham University, with research published by the Royal Musical Association, Matthew has now turned his creative talents to more public-facing educational opportunities…

Insights & News

  • Nature-first social enterprise Earthscope Isle of Man marks launch with free interactive workshop

    Earthscope Isle of Man, an exciting nature-positive start-up business, is to launch in Douglas this Thursday 9th November with a free interactive workshop that has already sold out, such has been the demand. A social enterprise formed to promote nature-first transformative thinking for businesses and communities, Earthscope Isle of Man is driven by a vision…

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  • My Biosphere – Sarah Mercer

    I vividly remember walking from Gansey Point around Port St Mary prom, across the catwalk and along the pier. It was the middle of the night in a wild and wonderful winter storm. I had just received some bad news that would shift the direction of my life forever and, not knowing what else to…

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  • My Biosphere – Matthew Warren

    In order to write this article, I had a go at looking for my Biosphere. Have you tried it? It’s surprisingly tricky. Still, I thought, it must be around here somewhere. The Biosphere is that region of the Earth’s radius that supports life, but how do I identify which bit is particular to me? I…

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Collaboration is the key to making a nature-first approach work for everyone. We are proud to partner with these organisations.

Earthscope provides AimHi Earth’s world class CPD courses which have provided foundational and empowering environmental education to some of the biggest names in business

We are also a UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man Partner and a member of the Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce.

Both Sarah and Matthew are Carbon Literacy Certified.

EarthScope Isle of Man