Nature-first social enterprise Earthscope Isle of Man marks launch with free interactive workshop

Earthscope Isle of Man, an exciting nature-positive start-up business, is to launch in Douglas this Thursday 9th November with a free interactive workshop that has already sold out, such has been the demand.

A social enterprise formed to promote nature-first transformative thinking for businesses and communities, Earthscope Isle of Man is driven by a vision of placing nature at the core of decision-making throughout society.

Founded by local film-maker and environmentalist Sarah Mercer and lecturer Matthew Warren, Earthscope Isle of Man offers specialist training and education that empowers people to take action, mobilising initiatives to build thriving and sustainable businesses and communities.

The launch event – Nature is Everyone’s Business: Finding your Purpose in a Climate Emergency – is aimed at those interested in finding out what actions they, their businesses and their communities can take to build a future in which people and planet flourish. A second workshop is planned in the coming weeks.

Commenting on the launch, Matthew said, “More and more people are looking for ways in which they can do good in the world, both through their work and their own lives. If this sounds like you, then Earthscope is here as your partner and supporter on that journey.

“We’re here to provide an opportunity to explore the possible pathways that could lead each of us towards a sustainable, fulfilling, and prosperous future.”

As a social enterprise, Earthscope Isle of Man has been set up to help people make meaningful change. As well as providing training and education, Earthscope Isle of Man will return a minimum of 50% of its future profits to a seed fund that will support local environmental initiatives, keeping money within the community to support the growth of a prosperous and sustainable society.

“We would like to see the Isle of Man become a pioneering nature-first nation, where each decision made by every person has nature at its heart,” said Sarah. “Only when the rest of nature flourishes can we can flourish too.”

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