For Organisations

Our training programmes are the building blocks for transforming your organisation to a nature-first approach. Concise, captivating, interactive and empowering, our training can be tailored to businesses of any size or type, ensuring you benefit by making the changes that are right for you.

Available at three levels, our programmes use expert content to guide you through the issues, the potential solutions and how as an organisation you can work together to inspire and innovate for a thriving, flourishing, nature-first community.

VISTA SCOPE £12,350 (+VAT)

All the key tools and support to get your organisation up to speed and on the road to a sustainable future.


Embed deep positive change with enhanced training and support.

HORIZON SCOPE From £30,000 (+VAT)

Move from vision to visionary, becoming a leader in Manx sustainability.

For Communities and Individuals

Our training and education programmes are not just for businesses and organisations: each one of us can adopt nature-led thinking in our daily lives to help create a thriving, prosperous and sustainable community for ourselves and future generations.

We offer community workshops, training and events giving communities and individuals the opportunity to connect, act and learn. We can also help your realise your nature-first ambitions with our project incubator service which will take you step-by-step through developing ideas into action.

Seed Funding

We’re a firm believer of putting our money where our mouth is! Over 50% of Earthscope’s profits will be put into a seed fund which will be used to support local Manx community sustainability initiatives. This could include creating community gardens, installing bird and bat boxes, creating a nature hotspot map – you name it, we want to support it.

You can help us grow the seed fund more quickly by making a donation. In return you can choose to become a named supporter of the seed fund, demonstrating your commitment to building a nature-first community.

More information on how to apply for seed funding will be available in 2024.

EarthScope Isle of Man